Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Over the last few days, a friend has been nagging me to call my doctor's office. There is the spotting, and then there is the mild tightening of my lower belly that's been happening periodically. I wasn't particularly concerned (very, very light pinkish brown spotting most days this week, and last week, actually; the tightening is weird, but it doesn't hurt, and there's no apparent rhyme or reason to it.) So, I didn't worry about it. My friend, on the other hand, thought that I should just check in. Of course, with my very conservative OB's practice, my call landed me in the office yesterday afternoon for an ultrasound.

It was all good news. My cervix looks fine. The baby looks great. She was face down, so we didn't get to see her face, but the tech spent a lot of time going over her whole body and taking measurements, since we were there anyway. She currently weighs 1 lb, 11 ounces, and her heartbeat was at 144. As I expected from the general areas I feel her (upper right side of my abdomen and lower left side), she is laying crossways, with her bum against my right side and her legs crossed. Her hands are up by her head. I got an adorable photo from the tech of the bottoms of her little feet. It was very funny, because she started punching the tech as she tried to do the ultrasound, and the tech felt her doing it.

Measurements also reminded me that I haven't posted about my discussion with my mom about her labors with my brother and I. She said that I was a 7 pound baby and my little brother a 9 pound baby. Her labor with me was worse, though, because she had back labor. She was only in labor for five hours after she went to the hospital, though. They broke her water, and I was born just five hours later. Hopefully, this will mean short and easy labors for me, too! The one weird coincidence is that my mom told me that she only weighed 112 pounds when she got pregnant with me. She had no idea how much I weighed when I got pregnant when she told me this, but that's EXACTLY how much I weighed at the time I got pregant! I thought that was an amazing coincidence. Of course, when she had me, she was a good 17 years younger than I am now, and probably in much better shape.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your friend, no harm in checking in with the docs office and who would turn down a chance to have an extra look at bubs?

Glad to see everything is still going well with your beautiful little girl, not long now until you get to see her for real! I hope you have a nice short easy labour like your mum.

Io said...

I'm glad everything looks to be going well and you checked - I'm sure it's nice to be reassured.
That is pretty wild that you and your mom weighed the same!

sassy said...

I am so glad you are fine!!

Darla said...

Good to hear everything's going great!