Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Baby Shower

The shower was amazing. Someone must've rescued me from tacky decorations and party games, because there were none in sight. Instead, it was an amazing group of old family friends, good friends, and a few of my aunts. Everyone was incredibly supportive and thoughtful and excited for us, and it was a lovely afternoon. There were the most gorgeous flowers, and the food was elaborate and delicious. I think everyone had a wonderful time. We are so, so blessed.

Some of the gift highlights:

The friend of the friend that I had never met gave us an amazingly soft handknit baby sweater, hat and booties. Such thoughtfulness from someone we've never met!

Handmade burp clothes, already washed and stored away in a ziplock bag for when we need them.

Multiple packages of thank you notes, from the host's dogs!

Beautiful handmade baby clothes, from the host herself. And a Wil.low figurine. And a handmade quilt that turns into a bag with pockets, that you can throw in your car and grab and spread out whenever you need a blanket. And a book about what to do with babies in their first year. So incredibly generous!

Pretty much every item that matches my nursery decor, including all of the things that we didn't even register for because we thought they were way too expensive.

Baby clothes, baby clothes, baby clothes.

The Twilight Turtle AND the Sleep Sheep . I just LOVE both of these.

And, this, complete with instructions that they'd like me to amortize it:

a White Hand-Woven Bassinet


JamieD said...

Wow - they all sound like such amazing gifts! Especially the quilt-bag.

And the thank-you notes are a wonderful idea!!

Magpie said...

And if it isn't amortized by you, and even if it is, you can lend it to friends and relatives, and keep it for your daughter's children. The bassinet my daughter slept in had been my husband's - and some number of other people.