Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Post I'm Not Writing

I have a pile of posts to write: Miss M at 12 months, Miss M's fantastic birthday adventure, all about weaning, my roundup post on breastfeeding for a full year. . .but that's not where I'm going tonight. Oh no. I have a friend in town, and we've been out on the town--my first night out and about in eons. More than eons. What is more than an eon? I have no idea, but I haven't been out in that long, and now I have been and. . .I probably shouldn't be posting, because there were drinks involved.

It's so good to get our with an old friend who's known you for forever. Tonight, we were talking about how much our lives have changed over the last two years. She was there with me through the toughest professional bits two years ago, through my pregnancy and struggles before that, and the great happiness since then. She totally gets both how precious Miss M. is to me, and why I also needed to go to a crazy expensive dinner and out for drinks without Miss M. She totally gets how you need to be a great mom while also carving out selfish time.

So what did we do? She is visiting from the US, so we went out for a crazy expensive dinner. It was amazing space--dark and cozy and well lit and fabulous all at the same time. It was insanely expensive. It was good. I had tender duck that you could cut with a fork, and a fab chocolate souffle. It was so good to get out. It was especially good to get out with someone I've known for a long time, who's seen me through thick and thin. You know? Someone who gets the nuance of history. Someone who has been through the fire with me.

It was amazing to talk to her, too. It's hard to REALLY catch up when you are thousands of miles away. Phone calls and emails and text and FB and tweets fail to capture the true essence of life in the way that a real live visit does. She got divorced and fell into a serious but unhealthy relationship over the last few years, and it was delight to see that she's finally passed all that. At least, I think. And it was great to see that she's got her self-confidence back, after everything she's been through, great to see her proud and strong and gorgeous and full of hope for the future.

That is what I want for all of my friends.


Darla said...

that sounds like a fabulous time you had! i had a 2.5 hour phone conversation with a friend yesterday that i haven't seen in nearly a year. it wasn't quite the same as a face-to-face but it was lovely to hear about all those nuances you miss on a daily basis.
great seeing you online again!

Manda said...

It's hard, missing people. I can't imagine it for you. I know you love your new life, but it must be really difficult to be so far away from everyone you know and love. So glad you got the chance to reconnect!

DaisyGal said...

I too saw a college friend on Sat night, and though we weren't alone we had such a good time. The friends we have that know us, that can take us back and take us forward and never leave us, well that is one of the best things in life.

that duck sounded delish :)

Jamie said...

It sounds like your ultra expensive dinner was totally worth it! I wish you many more of those moments.