Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Midnight. . .

and I've just arrived home from work, which is crazy busy. My in-laws left two days ago. They spent a week, arriving the very same day that our dear friends departed. Those friends arrived a few short days after we returned from the U.S.. My dryer has been broken since we arrived back from the U.S., leading me to pile dirty laundry in the garage to hide it from my guests (the laundry room was a work zone for the repairmen, until they realized it had to be replaced). Until my husband went grocery shopping today there was little to eat in the house. In short, it's been a bit chaotic around here.

The good news in the midst of everything is that I've sort out all of the problems I whined about in my last post, I feel great, this pregnancy is humming along, my final genetic test results came back clear, I don't have syphilis (not that there was any doubt. . .but they made me get tested), and Miss M has been a hilarious, wonderful, everyday joy.

And you?


~Jess said...

Sounds crazy, but I'm glad things are at least coming together AND that you're feeling good, particularly about your pregnancy!

Heather said...

Sounds like my life - minus the pregnancy. Things keep going to chaos and then I keep wrestling them back into order. I think this will be my continuous job for the rest of my life.