Sunday, May 6, 2012

Visitors, 8 Weeks, and Little Adventures

SB is 8 weeks old, and just a fantastic baby.  She's super mellow (except during fussy time, which reliably happens around 6pm every night, when she screams inconsolably), sleeps well, and loves to smile and laugh at me.  She's still waking at around 11pm, 3am, and 6am to eat, but that's a schedule I can live with.    She gets right down to business when she wakes:  she eats, and then she falls back asleep.  She is seriously adorable, if I do say so myself.  I love to make her smile and giggle, because it is just the cutest thing.

A few days ago, I noticed that she was restless after her 6am feeding, which is very unlike her.  She didn't cry, though, so I didn't pick her back up, and she eventually drifted off to sleep.  When I picked her up a bit later, I discovered that she was soaking wet.  She was sleeping in jammies and a sleepsack, and everything was wet, including the sheet below her.  When I changed her diaper, I discovered that although it was on in the front, in the back, it was completely off her bum.  Her bum was literally hanging out of the back of the diaper.  Epic fail for diaper application by our babysitter!  I couldn't believe that she didn't cry.  Poor kid.

My sister babysat so that we could go to dinner with friends.  It's been forever since we've had a dinner out without the kids, and it was really nice.  We went for Turkish food and hung out for a couple of hours at a restaurant that we hadn't been to before.  It was reasonably priced, and the food was excellent.  The other couple have a toddler the same age as Miss M (they play together a lot), so we spent a lot of time swapping stories about the kids.  I was thinking about it later, and was thinking that it is weird that I don't usually talk so much about my kids when I'm out with other friends.  It took me a while to realize that this is because most of my other friends either don't have kids, or have kids who are much older and in developmentally different places.  We spent a lot of time talking about the kids that night because we are both in the same place, dealing with the same stuff.  It made me think about how much different our relationships with our friends at home would have been if we'd been having kids when they were having kids.  It was kind of nice to be hanging out with people who are going through the same stuff.  It's something I never realized we miss out on by being "older" parents.  Guess we'll just have to get more young friends (or find some other geriatric new parents!).

My mother-in-law was here for a week, and left a few days ago.  It was nice to see her, and I'm glad that T and the kids were able to visit with her.  It was nice for me to see her, too, although there were some difficult moments for me.  She has become a stream-of-consciousness talker, and seems to say anything that pops into her head without thinking about it or editing her thoughts.  I think she just thinks  that at her age, she's earned the right to say anything she wants.  I try to let it go, but it's not always easy for me, especially when she says something that sounds critical.  I mostly just tried to stay calm and not complain to T while she was here.  I really wanted him to have a good visit, and I am mindful that she is not a young woman.  I want to make happy memories for my husband and my girls.  It was funny after she left, though, to compare notes with T about the things she had said individually to each of us, and to hear his responses.  I tried to be polite and calm and NOT say what I was thinking in those moments when she said something unfortunate.  He took a totally different tact, and left her have it (in a humorous way), and really gave her a hard time about some of the stuff.  Anyway, I'm glad she came, and I'm glad to be free of company again.

We are in the waning days now of my maternity leave, which is why I'm glad to be free of company.  I'm really sad that my maternity leave is ending.  I have NO desire to go back to work.  My office is really chaotic right now, and I've really been enjoying having this time with T and the girls.  Every day we try to do something fun and new.

Today we told Miss M that we were going to go off an an "adventure."  She kept talking about our "adventure" all day, and it was adorable to hear her pronounce the word.  We had intended to go hiking, but when we got to the train station to catch the train to get to the trailhead, the train had been cancelled due to an accident impacting the tracks.  We wandered through a neighborhood near the train station, instead, had Mexican food for lunch, then got cupcakes and had coffee. Miss M refuses to eat the frosting on cupcakes, and makes me take it off and eat it.  My mother is convinced that I've brainwashed the child so that I get to eat her frosting.  She just won't eat it (and yes, I DO eat it--it works out for everyone).   There was a group of violinists busking outside the coffeehouse, and Miss M insisted on standing there for the longest time listening to them, dancing and clapping.  She loved every minute of it.  A bit later, we visited a nearby farm, where Miss M got to see "chickens with big beaks" (her request for the day), giant pigs, and sheep and goats.  She didn't like the sheep and goats, which were being noisy, and she started lecturing them.  When we left there, we went to the bookstore, which she also loves.  It was a wonderful day.

I am enjoying spending time with her so much.  Her little personality is just unfolding at such a rapid speed, and she's such a great kid.  I love hanging out with her.


Cloth Diapers said...

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~Jess said...

We have a-benchers in our house as well.

I love the diapering!

Jamie said...

Both of your girls sound like such dolls! I know that newborns and toddlers all have their moments but still. No wonder you're sad about the return to work.

Overall, it sounds like a good visit with your MIL. I remember your worry about it before the little one arrived. I'm glad T and your girls had that happy time with her. I'm starting to notice the loose lipped thing with my own mother lately. SIGH.

Darla said...

Ah! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time all the way around!