Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Can't Sleep

Tomorrow morning, we fly to South America. Or should I say, we MOVE to South America. I'm not nervous, exactly. I guess it's more anxious. I'm ready to be there and get settled. Oh, and I hate to fly. And, we'll be living at altitude, and I'm worried about how we'll all do with that. I've never been quite as high as we will be living in or new country. We've been in Miami for a few days for meetings, which was also nice R&R time for the girls and T. Now they are all fast asleep, but I can't seem to make my brain relax. I spent a while tidying up our room and repacking out bags so that everything is ready to go. Boy, are we a sight at the airport. We have nine checked bags (one is the BOB stroller), two car seats, a backpack child carrier, an umbrella stroller, four carry-ons, and a diaper bag...oh, and a purse. I'm someone who prefers to travel with a backpack and a few changes of clothes, so this is a tad stressful for me. I keep feeling like I need to explain to people that we are moving. I did a good job packing, though. Every suitcase came in at 49 or 49.5 pounds when we flew here. We should be at our new apartment by early afternoon, in time for naps. I'm not sure how long it will take us to set up internet, but I'll be back here once we are settled down there. And with that, I guess I better relax and get some sleep.

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Alicia said...

Here from Mel's roundup.

Wow! So exciting! Best of luck with the move!