Thursday, October 16, 2014

TGI Almost Friday

This week has been a roller coaster on the job front.  The job that looked so promising vanished into thin air; another hasn't decided on who they'll hire; and a third apparently, according to my inside source, had already decided on someone else when they interviewed me (I don't understand this, but whatever).  But, two more jobs have popped up, and hope springs eternal.

A while ago, Miss M's teacher told me that she had some concerns about her physical/ fine motor development, and suggested we have her evaluated.  We agreed, and the school subsequently did a psychological, physical, and occupational evaluation.  Today I had the meeting at school to get the results.  In Spanish...yay, me!!  (I am still amazed that I can do these things.). They think she's a healthy, bright, strong-willed, independent little thing.  Also, she's spoiled.  That cracked me up.  Can you imagine an educator saying that to am American parent?!  They did, quite bluntly.  But that was beside the point.  They also feel she's got fine motor issues, and that it's impacting her ability to write and also to sit still and function in class.  They think her coping mechanism is to talk, ask questions, and divert attention from the fact she's having trouble, and she's both missing out instruction herself, and is a distraction to other kids.

I'm not so convinced that muscle weakness or development is causing her to be unable to sit still.  That aside, I'm increasingly noticing her inability to sit still and pay attention without fidgeting or messing around with something.  She takes a swim class, and all of the kids take turns doing things, and when it's not her turn she is literally attempting to dive to the bottom of the pool, or fidgeting with the lane marker bolts, etc, etc.  Her instructors have to give her instructions repeatedly.  So, yeah,  there is something there.  She wants to zoom ahead, constantly, and has trouble staying in the moment and focusing.

Their recommendation is two hours of therapy a week.  I'm not convinced it will work, but it can't hurt.  It will be during school, and they will send projects home for us to work on with her.  They're going to start next week.  They don't think it will take long, but I forgot to ask how long, exactly.

And now, off to bed for my 4am wake up call.

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