Sunday, March 1, 2015


I think/hope/pray I have a solution to our scheduling dilemma.  I THINK we are going to be able to leave here in June.  It's not quite the April/May start date that my new job wanted, and it's not quite the July departure date that my current employer wanted, but by pleasing nobody, I think we may satisfy everybody.  It is the happy medium.

Assuming we can leave in June, this weekend I was able to work out the details of the house. . .I think.  We will start renting it in June.  Fingers crossed that June works out.  T may still have to go back to the US before the rest of the family, but there is little we can do about that at this point.  We are just taking each days as it comes, and hoping for the best.  It sounds like the PERFECT house, so I am feeling good about it.

The good thing about a June departure, too, is that the girls will get a bit more time in school.  That will get them almost to their midyear break.  I feel good about this part of things. It means that they won't have a hugely long summer in which to forget everything they know, and they won't have a long, boring summer break.

Of course, it complicates other things, but I'm dealing with those.   I may have to go back to the US for a week or two in April to get some things sorted out, since we won't be back until June.  There are some things that just can't wait until June, unfortunately.  I'm not excited about that part of things, but there is little I can do.  And, the nice thing is that if I can make a June date work out, we will be able to take a few weeks of vacation time then to get set up in the new city and to spend with friends who are going to be in town.  I am excited about that part.  It is always good to see old friends.  Of course, we would have seen them if we'd gone back in April, but I would not have been on vacation, so we would not have gotten quite so much time with them.  It's a nice silver lining.

So, hopefully, we are getting there.  It's baby steps, and it's still not guaranteed, but I am feeling a bit more confident that it is all going to work out okay.

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