Monday, January 11, 2016

Random Update

I can't believe I haven't posted an update since  October.  I mean, I CAN believe it, because life in America is SO BUSY.  But I can't believe I've let it go so long.

So. . .a quick update, before I run off to cook dinner for tonight (it's 5:30 am, but the only chance I'll have to make sure everyone eats a decent dinner), shower, get the kids ready for school, start our 90 minute home-school drop off-work commute, and then pack in a full day of work.

The kids are good, although they still miss our old life in South America, and talk frequently about how they'd like to return.  SB continues to dislike school, and in particular her teacher, who has to be the least nurturing preschool teacher in the history of preschool.  The teacher is loathed by pretty much all of the parents (albeit for different reasons--for us, it's because she has no idea how to deal with a high energy kid, and totally can't deal).  All of us agree that she should not be teaching preschool.  But I can't pull her out of school because a) our nanny returned home about two months ago, after it became clear that her personal problems back in her home country were overwhelming her; b) I can't find a new preschool in this area at this point in the year, because preschool slots are like gold around here; and c) if I pull her out now, I would lose her spot in the school for next year, and the teacher she'd have next year totally rocks.  So we are dealing with it, for now, and it is getting s smidge better.  But still. . .she has told the school that they are not nice, she prefers her teachers in our old city, and she'd like to return there.  They were not amused, although I was. It may not be polite, but at least the kid has no trouble expressing herself.

Miss M turned six on Saturday.  She is wonderful and lovely and hilarious.  However, it's been a mixed bag for her here, too.  She misses her posse of girlfriends from her old school, and often talks about how she would like to return.  She refers to our time in our old city as her "happiest place ever," which makes me sad.  I know it's only been four months, really, and we have to give it time for her to make friends and fit in, but still. . .I wish she were really happy here.  Plus, this city is really transient, and with the use of the school lottery, school populations are really unstable, with constant coming and going, so there will not necessarily be any continuity in her classroom next year.  And she's had a long term sub for most of the year (who she loved--awesome teacher!), although her "regular" teacher has just returned.  It's been a bit chaotic.  More soon on our plans for next year--a subject of much angst.

And then there is me.  Work is great--love my job (most of the time), and am working (waaaaay too much!) on stuff that I find really interesting.  But unfortunately, I went in for my annual checkup of the tumor situation I had two years ago, and the doctor said that I should have had more aggressive surgery two years ago.  I am freaked out beyond belief, and worried about what this means, and if the c-word will return, and if I will live to see my kids grow up.  And I'm facing more surgery.  At this point, it's to be on the safe side (there is no evidence anything is wrong), but it's also partially exploratory, and if they find anything, they will likely pour chemo directly into my abdomen during the surgery (the only known treatment that has a shot of working with this condition).  So, I will wake up from surgery not knowing how it went or how much they will have had to have done.  Which freaks me out, frankly. But I suppose it's better than needing two surgeries.  I'm having a hard time dealing, and I tabled the entire thing until after the holidays.  Which is now.  

So that is what is up with us.  More soon!


Jane said...

Sounds like you are somewhat settled into a new normal that is generally good but somewhat mixed. I'm so happy to hear that your job is as good as you hoped, and so sorry to hear about your health. Will be thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed for a safe easy surgery and good news coming out of it.

Jessica White said...

Oh my....sounds like you have a ton on your plate! I'm sorry the kids aren't adjusting quickly to the new school...hopefully with time. Sounds like the teacher needs to find a new career {I never understand people who can't handle small kids being teachers}.

Praying that your surgery goes well and that they're able to deal with anything that comes up, and better yet, that nothing will come up. *hugs*