Friday, March 25, 2016

Amazing Visit

We visited the potential new school yesterday, and it was. . .pretty close to perfect.  There was giant, beautiful playground space--creative, hand-built stuff that is SO MUCH FUN.  The kids play outside for a couple of hours a day.  There are two certified teachers in each classroom.   There are animals:  bunnies, dogs, birds.  They have a science lab.  It is bright, beautiful space.  They seem very nurturing and child-focused, and were so very focused on and concerned about our child's well-being.  And they were so very, very kind to us.  I can't tell you how much I valued their concern for our daughter, and for what she's experienced this year.

We haven't worked out all of the financial details (indeed, they sent me a contract for the full year's tuition, which I pray is NOT what they want me to pay!), but that's the only thing that remains.  I'm a bit worried about that part.  It wouldn't be rationale to ask me to pay the entire tuition with two months left in the school year, right?  I have irrational angst that somehow they are going to ask me to do that.  But this is the only thing we have to sort out, and I'm hopeful that we can make this work.

Honestly, I am allowing myself the tinniest glimmer of hope that we have found a solution that is going to let SB be herself, be happy, feel supported and cared for.  I slept well last night for the first time in many months.

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Jane said...

Keeping fingers crossed that all is working out in terms of finances - sounds like an amazing solution to a nightmare situation.