Saturday, September 27, 2008


The Big Project rolls on. It is very intense, and has gotten kind of ugly in places. I don't know why people think it is effective to yell at other people. I have incredibly thick skin. Yelling at me doesn't really bother me, and it certainly doesn't make me move faster or make me any more likely to do something I'm not inclined to do. In fact, the only think yelling does is make it clear to me that the yeller is in fact a complete jackass.

I'm on CD25, with no little egg on the monitor. My right ovary feels like it's going to explode. It's been very painful the last few months around O. I wonder if there is a cyst or something. I don't know what happened to my cycle. Ugh.

So, DH and I kind of have a plan for Borneo, if the damn BP ("Big Project") will ever end. I found an amazing cottage right on the beach in Hawaii. If we managed to get knocked up by then (yeah, right), we'll rent it for three weeks in December, and probably be away for Christmas. It'll be a combination vacation/Christmas present to each other. If we're not pregnant by then, we're going to do three weeks in Guatemala/Honduras/and either Nicaragua or Costa Rica, probably spending a week in the hills exploring ruins, a week or so scuba diving, and a week surfing (I have no idea how to surf. . .I wanna take lessons, though). We were going to go for longer, but we are also renovating our house right now, and since I've been away a lot for the BP, things are utter chaos at home. I want to spend a few weeks getting things in order and hopefully put back together before we go. . .I can't live like this for much longer! Note to self: tackling the BP, making a further attempt at pregnancy, and major house renovations do not make for a pretty combination. Do not attempt to do all at the same time again in the future.


Anonymous said...

Can I go to Hawaii with you? Please?

JamieD said...

Wow - you have got a lot of eggs in your basket. You have more than earned three weeks in a secluded beach house in Hawaii at the very least.

Hang in there . . .

Io said...

Heh. I just read jamied's comment and thought "well, no, she doesn't."

Hawaii sounds fantastic. I hope the BP gets over and done sooner than you think.