Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Dice

Where did that saying come from, anyway?

In any case, alas, after spotting all day yesterday, AF arrived with a vengeance today. But hey, a 24 day cycle with a day 14 O, that's something, right? Of course, that barely 10 day LP is a little sketchy, but we'll take it for now.

I'm totally cool with it, surprisingly enough. It would've been nice to get knocked up this cycle, but it will also be nice to drink a couple of cups of joe in the morning, as I am beat. The Big Project continues to totally kick my ass. I'm having fun, though. My job is like crack--the bad days are really bad, but the good days make you forget all about the bad ones. Totally addictive, and totally bad for me.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay with it... Still sorry though, friend.

JamieD said...

Even if you didn't get your BFP this cycle, having a 14 day O it still something to be excited about.

How much longer will the Big Project last?

Io said...

Sigh. Too bad, but I'm glad you're ok with it.
Well, I hope the crack is good! (love the analogy.)

Anonymous said...

You and I are on the same page here sister! Sometimes AF just reminds that we have other things to focus on this month and the best is yet to come!