Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hitting Home

Over the last couple of days, as I've been frantically trying to get all of my last-minute vacation loose-ends tied up (42 items on my to-do list; 25 done. Eeks!), I've been finally giving some thought to the coming months. I am really excited for this trip, because I've wanted to do it for forever. But I'm also getting excited for after the trip. Very soon, we will be trying again. Like, it will actually be here, no strings attached. I've been thinking about my work schedule (there is another project potentially on the table for February-March), and I've decided that I am "only" going to work 50 hours a week. That's all I've got in me. I might even keep it to 40. I think they may ask me to take on this project that is not currently mine, and I may actually say "no." I've NEVER said "no" before. Ever. But, I don't want to work 80 hours a week for the next couple of months. I want to work half that, and have time to take the Clomid, and do whatever else the doctor recommends, and not have to worry about work stuff. I want to focus on me. So, I've been thinking all of that, and then it finally occurred to me: we could actually get pregnant in a couple of months. It might actually happen for us. I could be being a little optimistic, but it really could.

Also, I just volunteered to help out with a charity fundraiser, and I'm really, really excited about it. It's something that I've wanted to do FOREVER, and I just decided that I am going to make time to do it. We had the first meeting last night, and it was fantastic. I came home completely and totally invigorated by the meeting. There are some really dynamic people involved, and it's for a great cause that I believe in. On top of all of that goodness, I feel like I have the skills to make a real contribution, and make this fundraiser more successful than ever. There are a million ideas floating around my head. I'm so glad I decided to volunteer.

Today, the glass is half full.

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darla said...

I think it's right up your ally!