Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19 Weeks

The baby has moved up during this last week. When we had the "big" ultrasound last week, she was fairly low in my stomatch. But over the last week, my belly has really become quite round. I had a regular doctor's appointment this week, and the doctor decided that because of the spotting I'd had this month, she wanted to do a manual exam and another ultrasound to check my cervix. All appeared well with the cervix, but when they did the ultrasound, the baby was up by my belly button. It is totally weird to see how quickly things change!

Weight: +12 pounds since getting pregnant.

Things are otherwise going well. My back is starting to bother me a bit, and I think I'm going to have to give up high heels. My shape has changed just enough that it's become a chore to walk up stairs in them. My doctor saw a pair that I was wearing at my appointment, and mentioned that I'm going to have to give them up soon. Soon, I won't have any clothes OR any shoes!

I found two maternity suits online for a reasonable price, so I bought them. Once is pretty nice, and has a very comfy skirt. But on the second, the pants were so small that I couldn't even button them! So much for maternity pants!!! I'm going to return them and buy a size two sizes bigger than I normally wear, and hope that they fit.

It was also my birthday this week, and I got a gorgeous diaper bag from my MIL (the weight gain must be from all of that birthday cake!). I told T. that I've officially been eclipsed by the babe in my MIL's eyes, and he laughed and agreed with me. It really is fabulous, though.

Edited to add: The baby's heart rate was 156 on this week's ultrasound. The tech said that she was moving around a ton, so her heart rate was a little higher than she expected.

Also, I think I forgot to mention that I've been feeling her move over the last few weeks. At first, I wasn't sure if that's what it was. It sort of feels like someone is tapping me from the inside. It's very cool!


VA Blondie said...

I totally hear you about your shape changing. I was also running out of clothes to wear. I finally broke down and went to Mortherhood. I probably spent way too much, but at least I have stuff to wear now.

~Jess said...

The clothes situation is horrible: My wardrobe consists of about 6 motherhood maternity t-shirts, 1 skirt, and 2 pairs of cheap regular yoga pants (fashion bug).

And to think I was once so excited for maternity clothes...

Glad you're doing well.

Bluebird said...

I can't believe you're 19 weeks already! So exciting!

Happy birthday - oh, and I'm sure we'd love to see the pic of the wonderful diaper bag :)

And please share where you found maternity suits! I remember looking but never found anything that seemed to be made of decent fabric.

IVF 40+ said...

wow 19 weeks. How are you doing? how are you feeling? How lovely to get the diaper bag! So lovely.

Good luck with the clothes. Try Eileen Fisher - she has really stretchy things!

JamieD said...

Congrats on 19 weeks!

The clothing situation is difficult. After 30 weeks, I was shocked at what all didn't fit me anymore. My wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller as I get bigger.

sassy said...

19 weeks, wow, I'm so glad thgat things are moving along smoothly!

Eve said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on what sounds like a very nicely progressing pregnancy. Yes, the high heels will have to go, or you'll end up flat on your that wouldn't good! Hope you find some clothes!!!!

Darla said...

So it is a girl? I have presents to send :) oh yes I do! And ... can I recommend peasanty long skirts? You can wear with trouser socks and cute shoes in the winter for warmth and they'll stay stretchy. Or perhaps any elastic waisted skirt. I even found cute layered kneee length ones at the gap that come with a long elastic waist (since I'm not and it's actually a non preggo skirt I wear it creativetly). Also glad to hear all is well.

Heather said...

Yeah for feeling the baby move!!! That is the best. And maternity clothes are so tough. Thankfully, I had a girl friend at work that had lots of maternity clothes for work that she could loan me. But it just wasn't the same. I ended up buying a lot of non-maternity stretchy dresses and wearing them with tights when it was cold and then without as it warmed up. And thank goodness for cute ballet flats. Being pregnant with twins, I needed to stop wearing heels before I was out of the first trimester.