Friday, January 8, 2010

Hmmm. . .What to Do Now

I skipped school again yesterday. Actually, I told them I wasn't going to be in to work the rest of the week. Although I AM doing some work, I'm also trying to get a few last things done before the baby gets here.

Yesterday, I did a bit more walking/shopping, and went back and reorganized my hospital bags. Walking brings on intense pressure in my lower belly, so by the end of the day, I am ready to crawl into bed. It was all I could do to sort my hospital bags, but I've been adding to them for a few weeks, and wanted to go through them one last time and get them REALLY organized. There is more than one, because I didn't have one bag that was big enough. Actually, there are five: one has a giant collection of snacks and juices for T. (I don't want him to leave me, and I'm sure he'll get bored and want to eat--not that he ever would leave me, even if he got hungry, because he's good like that); one has clothes and a blanket for the baby; one has stuff I might want during labor (ie, aromatherapy rice packs that can be heated; hot water bottle; vibrating massager; ipod; camera; lavender bath oil; etc.); one with my clothes to go home in; and one with toiletries and medications that T. might want while I'm in the hospital (ie, Tylenol, Tums, Maalox, etc.--which the doula suggested. She pointed out that the hospital won't give him anything, because he's not a patient. Good thought!).

I slept okay last night, but kept waking up in pain from the positioning of my belly. Sometimes if it's not supported right, depending on the baby's position, it gets hurty. I also woke this morning to a lot more contractions, although they were not painful. They were different from my usual B-H contractions, because they involved more of my belly (ie, the whole thing, as opposed to just a part of it). Unfortunately, they seem to have slowed down. I should've gotten up and moved around a ton while they were active, but I'm kind of sleepy, and have been lazing about in my bed all day. Hey, I won't have many more days like this.

My big afternoon plan is to try to make it to the bank and the post office, and then see if I can somehow manage to dig out some of the baby things from where they are stored in the garage. When I last looked, they were still inaccessible due to the fact that there are so many boxes stacked in front of the boxes that have the baby stuff packed in them, but I think T. has moved some things around since I was last out there. It's so frustrating to be unable to do physical stuff, like moving a jillion boxes to reach what I wanted, as I normally would when faced with this situation! I am not usually someone who would let a few boxes stop me.

But, it's so warm and toasty in my bed, and big fat snowflakes are falling softly outside my window, making it hard to motivate myself. It is only the thought of being active and perhaps stimulating labor that may get me going!

Oh! I just had such a breathtaking thought: I'm going to be able to share all of my favorite childhood books with my daughter. This baby has been such a long time coming that sometimes the reality of her catches me sideways.


VA Blondie said...

Now I want to go reorganize my hospital bag...

I have gotten a lot of books as baby gifts, and I also realized how many books I have collected over time. I think my child is going to be read to! I love that thought!

Good Egg Hunting said...

"This baby has been such a long time coming that sometimes the reality of her catches me sideways." -- I could not relate to this more. Part of me still thinks this is all a dream and I keep realizing with a shiver all the things I'll be able to do with this long-awaited baby.

I, too, want to reorganize my bag now -- your organization is an inspiration!