Saturday, June 5, 2010


As excited as I am, there are hard parts. I spent this morning sobbing, because today my much beloved dog will go and live with a friend. She (the friend) is a total dog person, and loves my dog, so it will be a good fit. I know this is what is best for my dog-she would hate moving to the city, and would hate flying to be with us. Still, it's hard. She's been with us for a long time, and I will miss her terribly. She has been a wonderful protector and companion, and I love her dearly.

The cat already went to live with my MIL. That's not as hard. He's a good cat, and was originally hers, and I'll see him again next week. I think it's easier with him, because his absence isn't as noticeable. My dog is huge, and her absence from the house is so very noticeable when she is not here. The house becomes strangely quiet, and it FEELS like someone is missing, if that makes any sense.

My last day of work was fine. I lost it and cried on a few people (oddly, not even the people I'll miss the most-they were the first people to say goodbye). I don't even know why I cried, because I'm so happy to be free of the job. It's the sadness over the end of an era in my life, I guess. It's knowing I won't be doing this thing I've loved for so long. A client sent me flowers, and I got lots of little gifts. It was sweet. The flowers from the former client mean the most, though, because I was with them through a tragic time in their life, and it means a lot to me that I touched them in an important way. It made me cry when the flowers came. And, I'm crying as I type this. Endings are always hard for me, even though I've been planning this one for a very long time, and am so looking forward to our new life. It's hard to let go of what has been your existance for so long, no matter how tough times have been and no matter how ready you are to move on.

We decided to have a going away party (well, T. agreed to have it-AT OUR HOUSE-the night before the movers come, and THEN told me about it. I am going to be a complete mess, saying goodbye to everyone. I don't know what I was thinking!

It is absolutely pouring out... Weather to match my mood.

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Manda said...

I'm so sad for you about your dog. I know she's been a very good friend. Can't think of a single reassuring thing to say. Only that I'm sorry for you.