Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday, Rated

Saying goodbye to puppy...bad

Finding empty clomid packets in pockets of suits unworn since last winter, just before taking them to the cleaners, then looking at giggling Miss M...very, very good.

Poorly attached diaper allows pooplosion to cover newly washed down comforter and duvet cover...bad

Discovering husband packed food and pictures together in insealed containers, then stored in garage for the winter, resulting in mice onfestation and destruction of family pictures due to mouse pee...very bad.

Sorting crap in humid 90 degree weather...bad.

Sorting crap in humid 90 degree weather while heat is on because new furnace is being installed today, and plumber needs to check operation...very bad.

Saturday is kicking my ass.


Darla said...

wow! That doesn't sound pleasant! Hope today turns out a little better!

Jamie said...

Yikes! It sounds like Saturday was tough. Those things were very, very bad but the good was pretty great.

Bittersweet, yes. It is hard to move on even when you know it is a good move when you will miss everyone so much. It sounds like you were much loved!