Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a Rollercoaster

I am alternating between being blissfully happy and completely losing my shit, sometimes in the same 5 minutes. I am a little disappointed in myself that I feel this way, but in my more rational moments, I know this is probably normal on the eve to a move to a completely different continent. Aside from the obvious stress, my to-do list contains about a million things left on it. Like, canceling my cell phone contract (their website is suspiciously absent of information on how to do this; I know that we should be able to do it without a fee, but the details are lost on me). It's mostly just little stuff, but boy, there is a lot of it.

We aren't moving to Borneo-sorry to my commenter-I would have loved someone nearby! We're headed to Europe. Don't get me wrong-I'm ecstatic about the assignment, in a big picture sense. It's just that right now, I am utterly mired in details, and the drudgery of moving again. Oh, and every time I think of traveling with a baby, divine though she is, I get a little overwhelmed. I have visions of a screaming, pooplosions, lost luggage...aaahhhhh, so relaxing, this new life!

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Darla said...

Europe is still closer than Borneo to ME missy! Much much closer ... FYI. I totally understand the insanely busy schedule ... well almost. But you KNOW I empathize! I wish you the best! I hope it settles down and you dont fall off the face of teh planet comletly :)