Thursday, September 30, 2010

Morning Drama

I was reading something a while ago, and it said something along the lines of "everyone's baby eventually rolls off the bed." And I was like, "oh my--not mine!!!" Because, you know, I am super neurotic, and I would never let anything like that happen.


So this morning, I turned around for a second to dig out the ointment because Miss M has a diaper rash all of a sudden (her first, which is a whole other story). I turned back only to see her turn and giggle at me as she hurled herself off the side of the bed. She didn't just roll off--she dove!!! I managed to get my hands on her legs as she was going over, which broke the fall a bit, but she still landed head first. Luckily, the bed isn't very high and the floor is well padded.

I think she was more scared than anything, and she started wailing. I felt horrible, of course, but all i could think was "she's got a head injury or a neck injury." I put her down immediately so I could check her out, which only made the crying worse, because of course she was find and just wanted to be cuddled. In hindsight this seems a little crazy, but I was freaking out that she'd really hurt herself. She was fine 60 seconds later, but it took me a bit longer to calm down.

The toddler years are going to send ME over the edge!


bloodsigns said...

I'm almost positive it must've been my comment section...remember when Z rolled off her bed???

Well just the other day she took a tumble from her high chair.

No kidding, I don't think I'm built for the exploratory years!

I know how frightening it is -- and how hard I was on myself -- I hope you're doing okay -- I'm sure she's fine!



Darla said...

you're alive!
and miss M is all over the map!
and that makes me happy ... on many accounts.
wb: i missed you.

Jamie said...

When Skeeter first started rolling over, his instinct was always to roll left for some reason. The only thing that has kept him from going off the changing table is that the wall is to his left. I haven't lost him yet, but the near misses are innumerable.

~Jess said...

I think I've lost years from my life with DD's incidents: Falling of the changing table and smacking her mouth on a bookcase.

She's probably fine: The question is how are you? lol

Heather said...

Our daughter never rolled off the bed until she was 18 months old and she really didn't roll, she pitched herself off the bed when we thought she knew better by that age.