Saturday, January 14, 2012

32 Weeks

Wow. Where did this pregnancy go? I can't believe I'm at 32 weeks.

Overall, I'm doing fine. I'm starting to have some trouble with the stomach muscles under my bump (ie, they hurt), and the trouble with my lower back is off and on. I'm still walking a mile and a half most days, and no doubt this is contributing to the pain, but it's necessary. It's impossible to get around this city without walking. Even if I just walk the minimum, it's still substantial, and I do need to be able to get around. Hopefully, this continued exercise really will lead to the easy birth I've read about! My weight this week: 139.2. So, something like 3.5 pounds in two weeks! I can live with that, given how worried I've been about gaining enough weight.

I think (hope, pray) that the baby has indeed turned. I had a dream a week or so that she was turning, which I think was prompted by the fact that there was a lot of movement in my belly during the middle of the night. I was sort of semi-conscious at the time. It feels like she might have turned. She's been fairly active lately; even though my placenta is in the front (which cushions the blows!), during a work event a couple of nights ago, I could look down and watch my dress moving around throughout the event. It was kind of funny.

T. bought me this great belly balm that I've been using, and it means that my skin isn't itchy, which is really nice. I've actually been using it all over my body, because I'm dry and itchy all over. I hate the water here--it's really hard, and really drying, especially during the winter! They say that every pregnancy is different, and that's definitely true. With Miss M, I had a really dark linea negra. I thought it would never fade, but after time, it did, and disappeared entirely. With this pregnancy, I don't have one at all. I thought that was really weird. I still don't have any stretch marks (yay for that!). I didn't get any with Miss M, so hopefully that will hold true.

Today, I'm scheduled to get a haircut (my firsy since I've been living here--yikes!. I'm also getting a pregnancy massage, whick I'm really looking forward to. I'm trying a new day spa. Hopefully the place is a good one. Then on Monday, we have a doctor's appointment and an appointment with the midwives who work at the hospital (I get a midwife and a doctor for the birth).


Heather said...

Congratulations! Glad to hear things are so well. A pregnancy massage is awesome. I had one during the one with the twins. And yes, every pregnancy is so different. I really loved the belly balm I found with my second pregnancy to keep away the itchies!!!

Melissa Lewis said...

A pregnancy massage sounds good right now. My lower back hurts all the time! I am currently 32 weeks! I can't wait for my baby girl to come!