Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potty Training. . .or Not

We haven't started potty training yet, because I don't think Miss M is ready. But, we bought a potty and it's in the bathroom, and we've started talking about the concept. Occasionally she'll say that she has to poop, and I'll ask if she wants to use the potty, and she says yes, so we attempt, but nothing successful yet.

Today, T. called me somewhat flustered. It seems that he'd gone to use the bathroom, only to have Miss M run in after him. She had disrobed and was no longer wearing her diaper, and once she got into the bathroom, she promptly said "uh oh," and peed on the floor. Then, she proceeded to apologize, then asked for a bath. When T. went back to the living room, where she had taken off her diaper, he discovered that she had pooped, and there was poop all over the couch (likely because it fell out of her diaper after she removed it).

All i could do was laugh. I guess we should step up our efforts.


Heather said...

Sounds like she might be ready, but doesn't quite know what to do about it yet.

Can you send those potty thought vibes our way? Right now we're stuck that every time Tommy farts, he thinks he has to poo on the potty. It's only officially happened once weeks ago. Liam on the other hand, is steadfast in being the baby of the family and has no thoughts about leaving diapers behind, other than he loves streaking naked through the house. That might be the only way we can train him, let him run naked!!! He'd be very happy.

~Jess said...

I'd say she's ready! Good luck!

Jamie said...

Lol - that's too funny that it happened on Dad's shift. It seems like I get all the poop stories.

We're in a weird potty training place, too. Our pedi says not to push it too hard because he'll resist it. He loves flushing the toilet and washing his hands in the sink so that is his 'reward' if he goes in the toilet. My new problem is - the kid's smart enough that when he wants to play in the sink he tells me he needs to pee so we go through the whole mess of getting undressed and on the toilet. Then he sits for a minute before jumping up and shouting "All done!" and heading to the sink. I never dreamed he'd be so smart at two.