Monday, July 16, 2012

Post-surgical Update, Número Dos

Look at me, posting three times in one day! Celebrating 500 posts, indeedy! The doctor stopped by and confirmed that in fact things went well. He had to cut some more stones out of some weird fibrous tissue in my kidney, but didn't have to go through blood vessels this time, so little blood and no pain. That's right, I am indeed in no pain!! The doctor also pulverized some more stones and fragments with his tiny little laser while he was all up in my kidney, and he says there is nothing big left. He's not sure what's up with the weird fibrous mesh stuff growing out of my kidney that had trapped the stones, but if I have trouble like this again, he thinks it won't be for many years to come. He knows we are moving to South America next, and he knows that I am concerned about the problem recurring there (because that would mean emergency medevac flight back to the US--yikes!!). He thinks that if I have trouble again, it will be long after I've moved from there, though. So, yay! I have a temporary stent in overnight. If all looks well in the morning, it will come out and I will go home and I will be done with all of this. I hope, hope, hope this is the case. The stent has stuff that looks like fishing wire coming out of it, which must run down my urethra, because it is taped to my thigh. It was a bit of a surprise the first time I peed post-surgery. T made a decidedly off-color joke when I told him about it. The doctor said that he will take the stent out by yanking on the fishing line, or the nurse will, or I even could. I am tempted to take it out myself, so that I can say that I did. Because how crazy and badass does that sound?

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Io said...

If by badass you mean "ohmyfuckinggod" then yes. That is way too badass for me! So, so happy to hear that the surgery went well!