Monday, August 27, 2012

Airplane Bag of Tricks

I have a phone call to make, a stack of papers to go through, and a giant document I'm supposed to be drafting for work, but I don't feel doing any of the above. I'm really tired of making moving arrangements. My to-do list is a never ending array of boring and painful tasks. Oh, and I seem to have lost my drivers license. I used it as a form of identification at some point in the last two months, but I have no idea where I put it when it was returned to me. Apparently, not in my wallet.

So, one of my many current tasks is to come up with an assortment of goodies for Miss M for the plane. The general rule of thumb that I've heard is a new snack and a new toy/game/trinket every hour for toddlers on long trips. This is what I have so far:


--Stencils (including these spiraly things that are allegedly very cool)

--Washable crayons

--Plain white cardstock (for drawing and stickers)

--Disney princess paint with water thingy (no mess)

--Neon pipe cleaners

--Personal DVD player

--Toddler games loaded on iPhone (two matching games and a math game are her current favorites, thanks to Creating Motherhood).

--A Leappad thingy my mother bought, which I have yet to figure out

This is what I plan to purchase, but have not gotten to yet:

--a Colorform like book I found in our local bookstore (think reuseable stickers which can be placed on different backgrounds)

--a doll that comes with clothes that can be put on and off (a friend has one and she was mesmerized)

--an iPlay "find it" bag (lots of little things to squish around and look for) --2 new movies

Ideally, I'd like to keep her entertained and well-behaved throughout the flight. I know she will probably nap for an hour or two during the flight, but I want to be sure to have plenty of things for her to do. A happy toddler means a happy mother! What else will easily fit in a carry-on and will entertain a smart 2 2/3 year old for a long period of time?


Michele said...

For our long drives (we havent flown since theywere 14mo), we use their etch-a-sketch boards, books, and portable DVD players. work perfect!

Io said...

It sounds like you are good to go! I would definitely have some bribe food like M&Ms (to be used sparingly). Have a good flight!