Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Case There Was Any Doubt. . .

. . .that moms totally rock, I am sitting in Starbucks with both of my kids (because we have no internet at home until we move), watching a video for work that I need to stream via the internet, while also downloading a file and blogging. Contrast this to my husband, who is laying at home in bed, where he has been all day. Now, before you start feeling all sorry for him because he had surgery on Friday, note that he felt so good last night that he insisted on having a dozen people over for a farewell dinner. He is doing just fine, but "resting up" today. Did I do that after either of MY recent surgeries? Hell, no. Because moms have it going on. . .ALL of the time!


Jess @ said...'s certainly do have it going all the time. We had a month straight of sickness in our house and I never stopped. Blah!

Hope things are smooth before you guys move!

Gin said...

Of course you rock! ... cases of man-illness always remind me of the 'Man Cold' British youtube video.