Friday, September 14, 2012

Things On My Mind

I have three blog posts partially drafted in my head, but time is short and my to-do lists are long, so here's the rundown:

--I've been thinking a lot about people who create artificial lives for themselves on Facebook and other social media sites. I find it annoying, and then I find myself tempted to one-up them, and then I just get annoyed at myself. I manage to resist the temptation, but it's hard. I know FB is the highlight reel of life, and self-selected at that, but it just makes me feel competitive. It's like a perverse form of grown-up high school.

--The movers come a week from yesterday. I still have a lot to do. I feel like I accomplish a huge amount every day, but there is still a huge amount left to do every day. I'm exhausted and ready to be done with moving and finishing a job at the same time.

--Today we discovered that my husband needs to have surgery. The question is, can it wait until we are moved, which won't be for another couple of months? We are traveling until then. Should it wait? Can we squeeze it in while visiting family in the U.S.? What will the recovery be like? Who will take care of the kids? Can we leave for the U.S. earlier than expected and have it done there? If we have it done here, will he be able to fly home as scheduled, or do we need to stay here for longer? And so on. And that's without even freaking out about the actual surgery itself. Oh, and I told him MONTHS ago he needed to see a doctor. Sigh. Husbands!

I guess I should probably get back to one of the million things I am supposed to be doing.

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Gin said...

In response to your first post ... as I have read the other two since posted ...

I think the desire to have an honest and transparent life and not the false identities seen in FB and blogs do cripple me at times. I want to be myself and not who others want to see .. and sometimes that balance stops my fingers. The thought that I need to be be me and hold to manners and not just blog out a big toxic tantrumfitblahfrackarg but actual words and cohesive thought. It does blow my mind at some of the FB that I see. I would love to see your thoughts on the topic!