Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Won't Call it a Breakthrough....Yet

Have I blogged about our lack of potty-training progress? I am so permanently sleep-deprived, I honestly don't remember (will these winter illnesses EVER end?! Daycare is a cesspool of sick.). If I haven't, suffice it to say that Miss M has been less than interested in using the potty. She turned three last month, and has steadfastly refused to use it. She will not be bribed, begged, cajoled, reasoned with, or otherwise persuaded to do her thing on her pink potty. In fact, she is very forthright about the fact that she prefers a diaper to her Tinkerbell underwear, and she will pee in said underwear five seconds after sitting on the potty, while standing right next to it. Until today, that is. . .

Miss M has been refusing to eat lunch (super picky eating phase, and the subject of another post--she knows what she wants in life, that is clear). When she got home from school today, she was so ravenous that she ate a yogurt, three cookies, a pile of crackers, and two tubes of squeeze fruit/veggie mixes, as well as a glass of milk. When I sat her down for dinner a while later, she complained that her stomach hurt and refused to eat (I am a genius parent, but she so rarely eats that we got a little carried away today). When I went to wash her hands after dinner, I realized her little tummy was STUFFED! I tried to get her into her pajamas, but as I was changing her diaper, she said that she had to poop. I dutifully followed her into the bathroom, and sat with her while she sat on her potty. She got up a few times, but I had her sit back down, and we chatted about all of her friends that use the potty. Suddenly she yelled excitedly, "I'm pooping!" And I thought she was just saying it, but in fact, the blessed event had actually occurred. She commented afterward that it was giant, and she made us take a picture of it. I am giggling as I type that. Good lawd, was it funny. We made a really big deal of it, and of how proud we are.

. A while ago, My aunt gave her some pink candy corn as a potty treat. I thought Miss M had forgotten about it, especially since it's been a while and she hasn't eaten any. But as soon as her Mission was Accomplished, she asked for her pink candy corn reward for using the potty. And then at bedtime, she told me that we don't have any pull-ups, and I need to buy her the ones with Cinderella on them, because she is going to keep using the potty "again and again and again." She must have seen them at school, because we've never owned such a thing. But hey, I will happily spring for Cinderella if it means no more dirty diapers!


Michele said...

Yay!!!!! Thank goodness Maya is now, at 3y5m, on the toilet train in March, we will start putting her to bed in panties. Bobby? That kid is trying to break me. He will go weeks without an accident then revert back. We are in a revert now. It's driving me nuts!!!

Rebeccah said...

Hooray! Hoping this is the beginning of the end of diapers for you : ) We're at 4 years old now, dry during the day but firmly wedded to peeing in pull-ups at night. I figure it can't possibly last till he's 15, right?