Friday, April 5, 2013


Thankfully, the tests came back fine today. It has been a long couple of days. Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers. I still have no idea why my bloodwork is all wonky, but at least there is no evidence of a tumor or something else horrible. At this point, I am guessing that my wonky results were probably caused by a virus or a toxin that I've been exposed to. Fingers crossed that it clears up soon. We are going to repeat the bloodwork in a month and see what happens. I think (hope, pray) we have crossed the worst possibilities off the list, though. I had the nicest, nicest u/s tech today. She could tell I was freaking out about the results (two to three days for the report?! I don't think so!!!), so she made arrangements for the radiologist to see me immediately after my scan. He went through the pictures with me frame by frame and explained to me what he saw (which was basically nothing, except possibly a small stone in my left kidney, to which I say both WTF and okay fine--that's definitely not causing my wonky bloodwork, though). He was awesome (and hot, and like 35). But anyway--so thankful tonight for awesome u/s tech, awesome doctor who took the time to go over the scans immediately after they were done, and for awesome results. Now I can go back to studying Spanish. The company's evaluating my progress this week, and I've been a tad distracted lately.

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

Oh my G-d, I'm catching up tonight. So scary! I'm glad it turned out okay, but to have to go through that worry.