Sunday, March 2, 2014

Decision Made

We decided to have SB's birthday party at home.  We also decided to just go ahead and invite everyone, and keep our fingers crossed that at least a few people will be busy and/or out of town.  (Is that bad that I am hoping people stay home?!  Not that I don't like them, of course--but CHAOS!)  So far, one family has said they are a "maybe" due to a conflicting obligation (I told them it was NO problem if they don't make it!!!), and we have about 22 people who have said they are coming.  The final guest list blossomed to 56 people.  Yegads!  Also, what is up with people not responding to electronic invitations?  Do they not realize that I can see if they have read the invitation, and the date they read it?  Click yes. . .click no. . .click maybe. . .I don't really care (although, I hate the "maybes"--how does one plan for "maybe"?), but it does help with numbers to actually have a decision.  So people, make one!

We decided on a Pooh theme, and I bought a pile of stuff online.  It said it would all arrive by the day before the party, which was totally fine. . .and then the day after I ordered it, the delivery date inexplicably changed to March 14, a week after I need the stuff.  That would be a problem, since I ordered a bouncy castle that plays a central role in the party (Tigger's Bounce House!).  I am trying to be all zen and keeping my fingers crossed that it all arrives on time despite what it says online.

My mom is currently driving me crazy visiting, and the girls are having a blast.  But I swear that her suitcase contained nothing but sugary American candy and clothes for my children, and I am utterly amazed every time she walks out of her bedroom wearing a different outfit, because every time I turn around, the kids are hopped up on sugar and throwing new clothes about the room.  Does anyone have a mother that actually listens to her about the grandchildren, or do they all slip the grandkids churros and bits of crack when they think the parents aren't looking?!   

My mother also seriously underestimates the amount of exercise my children need every day, and she clearly tires before they do.  She is meeting us at Disney later this spring for vacation, and I'm starting to worry about the clash of expectations that we are certain to experience.  A few months ago we did a tough hike, and Miss M finished the entire thing with nary a complaint.  Last weekend, some grown-up friends did it, and said it kicked their butts.  So I guess it shouldn't have been any surprise when the grandparents tuckered out looooong before the kids yesterday while we were visiting a farm outside the city.  The farm wasn't even that big, really.  My mother actually rolled her eyes at me when I told her we couldn't leave without seeing the dogs, which were off in a distant pasture.   But I had promised Miss M she could see them, and she was raring to go.  I fear the dear grandparents are going to lose it on It's a Small World, and we are all going to pay.

They are really only here for a long weekend, though, and it's been good to see them.  My kids are thrilled, and will be sad to see them go when they leave in a few days.  Luckily, they won't have to be sad for long, because my mother-in-law and her husband arrive the same day my mother leaves.  Why yes, we are gluttons for punishment.  :)

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Jess @ said...

My parents are the opposite. We don't do much with sweets, if anything at all....but my parents are the other extreme of no sugar, no what, no processed etc {for health reasons of their own}. So needless to say when I give a little treat, if we're out somewhere, it's me getting the looks lol