Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Second Birthday, SB!

My dearest SB,

What a firecracker you are, and oh, how we enjoy each and every moment with you!  You are so very full of life, brimming with personality, wit, and laughter.  There is always a gleam in your eye.  You are full of spunk.

You have an enormous vocabulary, and I'm always amazed at the things you say to us.  You are thrilled to see me in the morning.  "Good morning, mommy," you say.  "Did you sleep good?  I had a good nap."  I love that you tell us when you wake in the morning that you had a good nap.  It's adorable.  This morning just before I left for work, you asked me if I was going to work, and then you told me that you didn't want me to go to work.  I melted.

Sometimes your syntax is a bit off.  "I want to pick you up," you say, holding your arms up to be picked up.  Also totally adorable!  You say it all of the time, and I love it.

You play pretend.  You still love Pooh, and Mickey Mouse, and will watch their cartoons forever.  You like to color, and also paint.  You still eat EVERYTHING.  We are constantly saying ridiculous things like "don't eat the crayons, please."  Your answer to everything his "WHY?"

You like to make other people laugh.  A few nights ago, and you your sister were in your beds giggling away.  You were supposed to be going to sleep, and she finally must have fallen asleep, because you were clearly trying to wake her up.  "Sister, sister!"  I heard you yell.  "I just tooted.  Sister, I tooted.  SISTER, I just TOOTED!!!"  You kept saying it over and over again, laughing uproariously at yourself after each line.  It was hilarious.

You hate to go to bed, and whine at us long after your sister has fallen asleep.  "Mommy, I need a sip of water," you call out to us.  When we tell you to go to sleep, you very indignantly yell back at us "I DON'T!"

You eat everything. . .when you feel like it.  Sometimes, it's just fruit.  You measured 90th percentile for height at your recent doctor's appointment, but only 50th percentile for weight.  You are a skinny minny despite your diverse palate.  You were on a big banana kick for a while, and wanted one every morning, but you seem over it.  Now, you prefer cheese, or toast, or cereal.  For now.  You still really love pineapple, but we still have to limit your intake, as it gives you a terrible rash on your bottom.

You are starting to be interested in potty training.  Sometimes, you'll tell me that you have to go, but you don't go when we sit you there.  You sometimes go on the floor right after, though!  But we'll get there, and I'm delighted that you are showing an interest so early.

You love music, and love to dance.  You are incredibly inquisitive, and ask lots of questions.  You love your sister, and are constantly hugging each other and playing together.  Your relationship is something that I am so happy about.  I love that you are so close, and that you have each other.  It is so special.  YOU are so special.

Every day is even more fun than the day before, my dear.  You are such a bright light, a huge and wonderful part of our lives.  I love you mucho, now and forever.

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