Saturday, March 29, 2008


After my miscarriage last summer, I didn't even think about trying to get knocked up again. I knew we'd try again eventually, but I knew we weren't going to any time soon, because of the Big Project that I have coming up this summer (I need/want to be working, rather than out on maternity leave). Plus, I was completely devestated, and utterly unready to think about trying to create a baby again. I think if god forbid it happens again, I'll be okay, but I most definitely wasn't the first time. Why do I think I can handle a second miscarriage better than the first, you ask? Well, the world now strikes me as an incredibly unfair and fragile place. Put simply, this time I'm prepared for things to completely suck.

Now, I am inherently pessimistic, so it's surprising to me that it had never occurred to me that I would miscarry the first time, but it didn't. Weird, given that I knew the stat's for miscarriage, particularly at my age. There I was, happiy sashaying around, waving my positive FRER's in the air and sprinkling baby dust everywhere. And then, CRASH!

But all of a sudden, it's six months later and we're finally trying again. And just as suddenly, I can think of little else. (Well, except the Big Project and Borneo.) I'm really, really excited about trying again. Wanna know my plan for this month? Here it is:

1. Using the CBEFM. Happily POASing every morning (today is CD10, and I'm still registering "Low.")
2. Probably temping, too, although I hate having to wake up at the same time every day. I loathe mornings.
3. Women's One a Day vitamins
4. From peak day until testing, drinking lots of pineapple juice. Hey, don't laugh. It might help. That's what I was doing when I got PG last time.
5. Adding a B vitamin complex to my regimen, to lengthen LP and give me a boost. Just picked up a 50mg complex, which also has folic acid.
6. Probably only BD-ing on my "peak" monitor days. (Because we're old and lazy).

So, what's your plan this cycle?

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