Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts about Borneo

Well, not Borneo, exactly, but about traveling. If you've been following along, you know that we have the opportunity to travel for 5-6 weeks during the late fall 2008-early 2009. We obviously won't do it if we are PG, so I'm considering it the booby prize if TTC doesn't work out over the next few months.

Anyway, I've had the brilliant idea that we will take a train from New England down to Texas, and then travel through Central America by bus. I looooove trains. I feel instantly relaxed on them. The problem is that trains are wildly expensive in the United States, and it would be cheaper to fly to C.A. It would eat up about 2.5 days to take the train to Texas. We could get our own little room with its own little bathroom. I really am tempted.

C.A. is totally beckoning me. I've wanted to go for FOREVER. Five weeks isn't nearly enough time to do everything I want, though, and we'd have to leave some stuff out. Sigh. So sad. I stopped by a bookstore today while killing some time before an appointment, and I flipped through the LP C.A. guide. Honduras, Panama and Guetemala are high on my list, Costa Rica and Belize less so.

As for the baby thing, I'm only on CD8, and basically chilling, waiting to O. I don't mind this part of the month, so much, as it seems to fly by. I have to admit, dear reader, I've been having some second thoughts lately. Am I too old? Is Terrific T.? I have a lot of freedom now, that I'll be giving up. I don't think we're too old, but I do have moments where I think I must be crazy to want this.

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