Tuesday, December 20, 2011

28 Week Appointment

I had my monthly appointment with the doctor today. Overall it was good. My blood pressure is still low. I only gained about two pounds since last month, which I thought was bad, but the doctor was fine with. Not much bothers her, though--which I find very European. I think my hair could be on fire, and she's be blase about it. Anyway, I've noticed less movement over the last week, so she did an ultrasound. The baby is positioned differently, but most decidedly NOT head down! She's laying across my abdomen, with her head on my right side and her legs folded up on the left, with her feet somewhere around my belly button, where she keeps kicking me. One arm was over her face, while the other was was underneath her, down low in my abdomen. I was worried about the cord, but the doctor could see a lot of it, and wasn't worried at all, and she said the cord is nowhere near the cervix.

As previously noted, I finally ordered a scale that has pounds on it (I couldn't find one here, and I hate kilograms!), and had it shipped from the U.S., so I'll be able to track my weight gain. That should guilt me into eating when I don't feel like it. Sigh. I've really been trying to eat well. It's so hard when I always feel full.

Next month, I'll have an appointment with my doctor, and also one with a midwife at the hospital where I'll be delivering. Weird. It's weird to think we are almost to the point where we will be going to the hospital. My doctor said today "you're almost finished!" She also wholeheartedly supported my plan to get more massages to try to ease my back pain. She recommended I keep as physically active as I have been, as she thinks it may get worse if I don't. So, massages it is!

I also realized I had a few more presents to buy, but I bought the last two Christmas presents today--a gift certificate ordered over the phone to be delivered in the U.S., and an insanely expensive bottle of fine cognac for my husband. He's been such a patient and amazing father and husband over the last year. I wanted to do some ridiculously indulgent things for him this Christmas, and I won't often have the chance to buy him rare French cognac that isn't exported to the U.S. Hurray for being done with Christmas shopping! Now I just have to wrap everything to put under the tree!

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