Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve and 29 Weeks

We are reasonably on track for Christmas. I have all of the Santa and Miss M presents wrapped. I still have to do my husband and sister. T is putting together the play kitchen as I type this. It is a fabulous kitchen. There are all sorts of battery-operated functions: the burners light up when you put pots on them (and the pots are semi-see-through, so you can tell); there is a telephone that rings; the microwave has buttons you can press and make it "come on," complete with noise, and there is a light over the stove. It also came with all sorts of pots and pans and accessories. I kind of want to play with it! We opened our last advent present this morning: matching Mickey Mouse Christmas jammies for everyone. T's family used to have matching Christmas jammies when he was a kid, and I thought it was an adorable tradition, so I've started it this year. There are presents under the tree. Now I just have to get started on making the cake for tonight's dinner party.

But of course, despite my best efforts, I've discovered I'm short a few ingredients. I planned to make a different dessert for tonight, but then discovered I'd overlooked the fact that it required THREE HOURS of simmering in a double boiler--and that was just step one. So, I've changed the dessert to a much simpler cake. Plus, the new cake will allow me to use my fancy Bundt pan, so it will look smashing. I'm off to the store in a few minutes in search of the missing ingredients.

I'm also 29 weeks today, and increasingly enormous. I just took some belly pic's and weighed myself on the new scale: 135.6 pounds. I probably started at around 115 or so, but I'm not really sure. So, now I have a baseline weight to work off. I know that doesn't sound particularly heavy, but my midsection really is huge. I look like an olive on a toothpick. My back continues to trouble me. I live with the hot water bottle, and when I first stand up, I am hunched over until my back gets used to being standing and straightens out. I am like the Tin Man--I need a little oil! Time to schedule that massage, I think.

Happy holidays to you and yours.

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