Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Egg Coloring Public Service Announcement

This week, the kids went to a friend's house with T to dye Easter Eggs.  The parents all thought that they were using washable egg dye, and let the kids happily dunk their hands in the egg dye.  Miss M, for example, had two completely bright red hands from dying her eggs reddish pink.  When they tried to clean the kids up at the end, however, they discovered that the parent who had created the egg dye had used regular old food coloring.  Whoops!

By the time I got home from work, despite numerous scrubbings, Miss M still had two bright red hands.  I mean, like PRIMARY red hands.  Yuck.

There are lots of options online regarding how to remove food dye from skin (white vinegar, baking soda. . .bleach, gasoline!!!), but I just did a quick scrub of her hands with white vinegar.  That started to take the color off, and then I doused her hands in Dawn liquid (green apple. . .yum!).  The dye all came off in absolutely no time, and she had fun playing in the suds, to boot.  I'm not sure if the Dawn would have worked as well if I hadn't used the vinegar quickly first, but in any case, it was an easy and painless process for both of us.  Hurray for that!!!

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