Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

To all those who celebrate, I wish you a very happy Easter.

And for all those who don't, I hope you had a very nice Sunday, just the same.

As for us, I jumped out of bed this morning in alarm, after I heard SB mumbling quietly to herself.  It is only a matter of time (usually, seconds to minutes) before she starts yelling "Daddy!  Daddy!  I'm awake!  Mommy!   Mommy!"  The alarm was due to the fact I realized that I'd forgotten to put the Easter baskets together last night.  Whoops.  I planned and purchased everything so long ago that I almost forgot to put them together.  In my head, I think I had checked the box as "accomplished."

So I ran and assembled, which took no time at all.  The Easter bunny leaves books in this house, and a tiny bit of candy.  The candy this year = a chocolate covered Peep each, a marshmallow Hello Kitty lollipop each, and a little bag of Reese's Pieces that looked like a carrot.  The books were a variety of the learning-to-read variety and Spanish children's books.  Miss M's Spanish is coming along nicely (as is SB's, actually), but I'm trying to supplement both languages at home.

I told SB that she could go wake her sister and tell her that the Easter bunny had come.  It was adorable, and I'm sorry I didn't have the video camera ready to record her running into their bedroom yelling for Miss M to wake up.  "Wake up," she yelled.  "EASTER BUNNY!"  Miss M was awake and out of bed in a flash, and I do have the two of them on video finding their baskets and going through them.  Miss M was enchanted with her books; SB wanted to eat candy immediately, and was quite put out when I said she had to wait until after breakfast.   The video is pretty funny, and ends with SB ordering me to put the camera back on the shelf.  That kid--she has a BIG personality.

After that, Miss M dressed herself in striped grey tights, a blue and white dress, and a striped pink shirt.  She told me authoritatively that it all went together because it was all striped.  :)  Adorable.  She also insisted that SB wear her matching dress, but I ate least got SB in white pants and socks, so that she actually looked coordinated.

We went to a late morning get together were we grilled and played outside and had an Easter egg hunt.  It was perfect--low key and fun, with plenty of running around for the girls.  They fell asleep immediately upon getting back in the car, which is always the sign of a good day.  That gave me time to do some grocery shopping on the way home, while T sat with them in the car.

And the day ended on a high note:  I found real, YELLOW lemons in the store.  I haven't had lemon in months.  It doesn't exist here--just limes.  I don't know why.  They grow a million kinds of fruit, but apparently there is no demand for lemons.  These were even imported!  And then one of the two chicken products left in the store was a whole chicken, so I made a roasted lemon thyme chicken for dinner, and it was awesome.  Happy dance.  And I still have three lemons left.  :)

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