Wednesday, December 2, 2009

34 Weeks

First, the stat's: 33 weeks found me at +22 pounds. 34 weeks has found me at +25 pounds! I'm not sure how that is possible, since I barely have room to eat anything, and am practically force-feedin g myself. But this is good, because it means the baby is growing. And how! She is really getting crowded in there, and it gets quite painful at times, as she attempts to conquer the space where my lungs currently reside.

Alas, that is not the only pain I'm experiencing. After an easy, comfortable pregnancy to date (except for all that worrying/spotting/worrying), things have definitely shifted. And by "things", I mean HER-right onto my sciatic nerve, or perhaps she's managed to bump a disc a little out of alignment so that it's affecting my sciatic nerve. Either way, I have lower back pain that wakes me every time I roll over, and pains me every time I take a step with my right leg. Sometimes the right leg just goe out from under me entirely. It's particularly bad when I first stand up after sitting or laying down-so stiff!

But I can hardly complain. Just 6 weeks left!


IVF 40+ said...

oh that does sound painful. I can empathise since i have sciatic issues right now.
enjoy being beaten up by your growing nubbin!

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hello Q,

I have back pain (never been pregnant though) so I understand your sleeping discomfort. As you say, "six more weeks".

Relax as best you can and enjoy these joy-filled days as your baby moves about.


~Jess said...

I had that too...going to the chiropractor really helped with it. Hopefully it gets better for you.

Heather said...

I had sciatic nerve issues when I was pregnant with my 9 year old daughter. It was tough. I just read your last post and OMG I can so relate. Our twin boys are now 6 months old and I'm about to get a huge promotion at work. It will be a lot more responsibility, but I know it will be great! But at the same time we're thinking about my DH looking for a job elsewhere, which may involve moving to somewhere else in the country. I think of that as exciting. We almost moved to Florida when I was pregnant with our DD, but it fell through.

Hang in there and good luck with the next few weeks.