Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Night of The Year

I am reclining on my (borrowed) bed on this, the final night of 2009. Although I'd hoped to be home by now, we are still at my in-laws for a few more days. For now, though, the house is perfectly quiet, but for the purring of my cat. The in-laws have gone out for a bit, and T. Isn't home yet. I just watched as the sky darkened across the snow-covered lake. The baby ate more chocolate than she should've today (naughty baby!), and she's rolling around like mad in my belly. I can't often actually see her movements, but my sweater-dress is bouncing around right now like mad as she practices her kung-fu. And, I am incredibly at peace.

2009 has been a very good year for me. It has been a year of healing, a year of rebuilding, a year of hope. It's been a year in which I finally figured out how to move on from crushing professional and personal disappointments, and a year when I finally physically healed from the illness and stress that plagued me in 2008. It's been a year in which I tried to do things even when the fear of failure nearly paralyzed me. It has been a year when I have worked really hard to tame the negative thoughts that kept my life from being all that it could be-and even succeeded at that. And of course, it has been a year that finally saw a successful pregnancy.

So here I stand, on the cusp of 2010. My daughter will be born in the coming days. My years-long home renovations will also come to a close in coming days. And also in the coming days, I will likely also learn whether I will have the opportunity to embark on an amazing new professional and personal adventure. My cup is so full. I feel so blessed.

A year ago, I could not have imagined that I would be standing here. 2008 was such a trying year. I had so far to go on so many fronts when I started 2009, and yet, with hard work, I made it to where I stand today. I am excited for 2010. I have no idea what it will hold for us, but I feel really good about it. I look at how far I've come in this last year, and I can scarcely believe it.

If all of these amazing things could happen for me in this last year, they could surely happen for anyone in this next year. Happy New Year to you and yours. May this be your best year yet.

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Heather said...

Happy New Year!!! I feel the same way. I've been very emotional this holiday season about all the things I have to be grateful for. So grateful for our boys that have joined our family after many years of wanting to add to our family of three. Work is also going well, just got more people on my team and more responsibility, even if an official title change hasn't come with it. Hopefully that will at the end of this year.