Monday, December 21, 2009

Working It Out

After having a meltdown on Saturday (mine), we worked out a plan for the holidays and beyond. My brother is coming Christmas Eve, as he always does. We will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at MIL's house, doing our traditional Christmas breakfast and gift opening. Then, T. and I will swing by his brother's place in the morning, before any of the other family arrives. We'll have a brief visit, and then we'll head down and spend the rest of Christmas with my family. This way, we'll completely avoid the drama that I was dreading. It's not as good as being home for Christmas, but it will do.

My brother and other family members are queing up to help us clean once the work crews are done, and to move us back into the house. This is a huge relief for me. I am feeling more in control now that we have a plan. This baby just needs to stay where she is for a few more weeks until I can get everything all unpacked, washed,and organized!


Bluebird said...

Aw honey - I'm just reading your earlier post and it made me so sad! I totally understand your feelings, and absolutely get your need to be home. I'm so sorry it won't be as you had hoped, but glad to read you have worked out a plan. ((Hugs))

JamieD said...

Oh, Queenie! What a nightmare. Besides ALL the other stuff, I hate you are not home to do your 'nesting.' I remember that panicky feeling of everything not being in its place. Hubby and his brother went on a trip together two weeks before Skeeter was born and I was in a panic because he took the duffel bag I was going to take to the hospital. For some reason, I had a real hang up over having my hospital bag packed. I ended up piling everything in a grocery bag just to ease my mind.

I'm glad your Christmas plans have straightened out somewhat. Even if it isn't perfect, at least it won't be the nightmare you were afraid it was going to be.

I hope (pray!) you are in your house soon!