Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Little Rant

I am currently holed up in my guest room with the baby, under the guise that I am dressing one of us. I am in my guestroom because my MIL is visiting, and my master suite is easier for her to get around, so we gave up our room. I am currently hiding here because I need to vent.

We have had many visitors since we've been here, and while not all of them have been easy, they have all been interested and appreciative. They've all been happy to be here. They've all been nice, and positive. Needless to say, that's not how I'm finding THIS visit. She explicitly informed us yesterday that she was only here to see the baby (T apparently doesn't rate a visit). She's been here for four days, but has 't bothered to take her camera out once (apparently, pictures of Miss M aren't all that important to her). I was just treated to a discussion of how Ireland (the only other European country she has visited) is more advanced than this country because there, she could use her curling iron from the US (my explanation of voltage differences with the US fell on deaf ears, as did my mention of the fact that the reason her American curling iron worked in Ireland was likely due to the fact that she stayed in hotels catering to Americans, which have hardwired to accommodate for both voltage and plug differences).

Everything is just so NEGATIVE. And the irritating thing is that she thinks she is a really positive person.

Sigh. Just a few more days...


Eb 40+ said...

so, not only does she get to go somewhere cool (I assume) but she is a pain in the arse.
Lovely house guest.
But, like teething, this too shall pass!

Good luck and find the bottle opener pronto!!

Jamie said...

Ugh - I am so sorry. It doesn't take much for all of that negative energy to start seeping into the very fiber of your being.

Stay strong! And hide as much as you need to!