Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick & Dirty Book Review: Life From Scratch, by Melissa Ford

Tired, sad, in need of a hug? Need a little "you" time? Go make yourself a cup of tea (or even better, pour yourself a glass of wine!), run a hot bath, and download Melissa Ford's Life From Scratch via Kindle. Lock the bathroom door, sink into your tub, and read away. (Yeah, I know--electronics weren't made for the tub. But what's a girl to do?) I promise you, it's just what you need to give yourself a little lift.

The book is perfect chick lit. The basic premise is that Rachel gets divorced, Rachel gets sad, Rachel cooks, Rachel blogs, Rachel dates, etc. In some ways it's your standard chick lit fodder. The joy is in the details with Life From Scratch, though. You like Rachel. It's fun to read about what she's doing. You actually start to care about her. The approach is great. It's a fresh, fun, fast read. And if you are like me, you end up really pissed at author Melissa Ford for ending the book where she does. Rumor has it she's writing a sequel, though, so we'll soon learn what happens to Rachel after that.

There is scant detail here, I know, but the joy of this one is in grabbing it off the shelf when you need a good, fast, light read and piggishly downing it in a sitting or two. So, what are you waiting for?


Frozen Donor Eggs Pro said...

YAY! so glad to get a book recommendation. Last night that's exactly what i did but i was missing the perfect book. gonna pick it up this weekend for my next night in, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it too! But it was a total cliffhanger and I hope the sequel comes out soon.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

But I'm working on the sequel and writing as fast as I can :-)

Thank you for this.