Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And This Is What Happens When I try To Plan

I was indeed up at 4 am this morning. Alas, it was not for the purpose of putting my Canuary plan into action. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to some rather lively discussion coming from Miss M's room. It seems that she wad feeling better, and was hungry. I think it was the bloody noise which initially woke her. The sheets were covered, and it was more than a little jarring to walk into her room in the middle of night to see her standing there, waffle in hand, jabbering away a mile of minute, blood everywhere. My poor husband was already up, and had managed to clean her up already. "Mommy, will you stay with me?" She begged, and how could I say no? My husband disappeared in a nanosecond, and I spent the next few hours curled up with a coughing, snotty Almost-three year old, snoozing while she watched videos on my iPad. She woke me whenever she needed a new one, but otherwise let me sleep. Spanish? What Spanish?! I will try again tomorrow.

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