Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Canuary 2013

Happy New Year!   May 2013 bring you everything you hope for.

I've been thinking about what I want from this year, and I realized that I am not looking to make major changes in my life.  Given that we are moving to South America in six months and my new job there, the major changes are pretty much already lined up for us for 2013.  I'm currently working and trying to learn Spanish, and thanks to that stomach flu last week, I don't even need to lose any weight.  In short, I don't really need to start something new for January.  When I think about trying to throw some new things in my schedule, though, it all feels too overwhelming.  With the kids and work and learning Spanish and just trying to survive everyday life, my plate feels very, very full.  And yet, it would be even better if I could tweak some things.  Yes, what I really need is some little tweaks to my life.  

For example, I've sort of hit a learning plateau with my Spanish.  I'm not really sure how to break through.  I know I need to be practicing conversation more.  What I really enjoy, though, is reading.  By the time I get home from work, feed the girls, get them in bed, etc., I'm too tired to read, let alone think about conversation.  I'm just not very productive at night.  The solution, I think, would be to go to bed a bit earlier, and get up at 4 or 4:30am.  I love the early morning.  I am so productive in those early hours, and if I got up even an hour earlier than my current 6am rise, it would give me time to read in Spanish every morning.  It would be something I enjoy, AND good for my Spanish.

I have a bunch more little tweaks, but of course the baby is awake and fussing.  She never wants to be put down these days.  Argh.  Hence the reason I never have time for making little changes!

It's too much to contemplate making these tweaks on a long-term basis.  Hence, I'm christening January CANuary.  If I can do it for a month, I'm more likely to adopt these new habits long-term. 

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