Sunday, October 20, 2013

SB at 19 Months

My dearest SB:

Sheesh.  I haven't done one of these posts in forever.  I can't believe how fast time goes by, as you get bigger and bigger and bigger.  You and your sister are so much fun.  We are having a blast with the two of you.  But I have less and less time to "document," at least if I want to get plenty of quality time with your girls!

Your first words (at around a year) were mommy and daddy, followed quickly by "up."  You simply love to be held.  When you wake up in the morning, you instantly want to be in someone's arms, and you immediately start screaming until someone comes to get you.  It's a bit jarring, my dear, and completely unexpected, since your sister has always simply said "mommy" or "daddy."  Still, as soon as we appear, we get big grins, followed by "up."  Or, the word you quickly learned had more power than "up":  HUG.  You beam beautifically, stretch your arms out wide, and yell "hug!" whenever you want to be picked up. . .or get out of your high chair or stroller or crib.  And who can say no to that, really?

You eat absolutely everything, except for avocados.  You don't necessarily eat very much at any one sitting, or even eat what is in front of you, but you eat a wide variety of foods, and for that I am so thankful.  Feeding your sister was always a struggle, and I never have to worry about whether you are sufficiently nourished.  You're thin and active, but I know you are getting nutrition.

You still nap for an hour in the morning and the afternoon.  We'd like to drop the morning nap, but you are a mess without it.

Your vocabulary is huge.  You have loads of works, and some phrases.  "Where's mommy?" was an early favorite, which both cracked me up and made me sad. . .the downside to being a working mother.  We were playing this morning and a toy went flying, and you said "I'll get it."  I was blown away.  You know shoes and socks and shirt and milk and cookie and cracker and fish and dog and so very many other words.  You are obsessed with Pooh and Mickey Mouse.  When Aunt C. sent you a Pooh doll recently, you went absolutely nuts.  I have never seen anything like it.  You were absolutely screeching, you were so excited.  In the morning when you get up, you frequently say "eat," followed by "Pooh," because you like to watch old-school Pooh cartoons while you eat a banana and I make the coffee.  Sometimes you'll head for the kitchen, holding up your hand and saying "come."  It is soooo cute.

You call Miss M. "sister", rather than by her name.  We're not sure why, exactly, but it's awesome.  The two of you adore each other, and play well together.  At first we were a bit afraid that your sister might get the better of you, due to that two year age difference, but you aren't exactly a shrinking violet.  You know just how to get things you want away from her, despite your smaller size.  And you don't put up with her being mean to you--you'll drag her around by her hair if you have to.  We don't support any violence between the two of you, but we've been happy to see your spunk.  You're a kind baby, but you also know how to defend yourself.

And you are soooo kind.  You are just such a sweet little baby.  You have big grins for everyone, and you still like to snuggle.  You love to be held.  You love to play.  You love everyone and everything around you, and play so well with other children.  Daddy and I are always having playdates for you and your sister.

You are also soooo mischievous.  We call you the "gazinda," because you get into everything.  Daddy went into the kitchen for a few minutes the other day, and you found a blue stamper, the pre-inked kind, somewhere amidst the toys.  You managed to get the cover off, and had covered yourself and three pieces of (new) furniture before he discovered you.  You had eaten so much of the dye that you pooped blue for two days.  It took him forever to clean you, and your fingers were still blue when I  got home from work that night.  You looked like a little Smurf.  We do our best to baby-proof the house and to keep you safe, but I worry about you constantly.  You are so fast, and so creative, and so full of it.  But I love your little spirit, and I love that you are so willing to try new things.  You are not afraid of anything.

And have I mentioned how gorgeous you are?  With those big eyes and sweeping lashes and that charming smile. . .you are so lovely.

You have approximately 11 teeth.  I say "approximately" because you try to bit when I try to count, and I value my fingers.  You have had only three bottom teeth for months, but I can see the fourth one is starting to finally pop through.  You've been teething for months, although you are generally in good humor.  You chew on everything, though.

You are still wearing 18 month size clothing, although we are moving into the 24 month size right now.    You have really thinned out over recent months, I think because your favorite foods are fruits (those tiny South American bananas are your absolute favorite), and yogurt.  And you are SO active and unstoppable.  It's been that way since you started walking right around your first birthday.

And have I mentioned that you get up at the crack of dawn?  You are up at 5 or 5:30 every day.  Your room is as black as we can make it, and still. . .you like the morning.  Last Saturday you were up at 4:30 for the day!  I don't know why your hard wiring has you programmed for early mornings, but you are always the first one up in this house.

So in sum, let me say that we are deeply, deeply in love with you.  You are just such a special and happy child, and we look forward to watching you grow.


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