Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Day of School

Miss M was up at 4:30 this morning, because she was so excited to go to school.  SB also happily got dressed right after waking up, because she was also excited about her first day of school.  It was the first time that we got two kids and two adults ready for work/school, and it was a bit crazy.

Miss M took the bus, and I stopped by a bit later to check in and make sure she was okay.  We learned yesterday that she had a new teacher, although of course the school hadn't told us this, or WHO.  I heard it from another mother, so I wanted to check.  Miss M was doing great when I got there.  It was circle time, and the teacher's aide was asking questions.  Miss M was patiently raising her hand and waiting her turn, and answering the questions in terrific Spanish that made my heart melt.  The teacher wasn't in class, so I waited for her outside the classroom, to have a brief conversation.  She looked none too pleased to see me, but I don't care.  The school's communication is lousy, and so I'm perfectly fine with annoying them in the course of making sure my kid is okay and I know what is going on.

SB was thrilled to be at school, too.  After being in class with her for about ten minutes, I decided I really liked the teacher.  She seemed really good at both engaging the kids, and keeping order.  Of course, only 4 of the 20 kids were there at that point, and then she kicked us out of the classroom.  It turned out that they didn't want us to stay with her.  They wanted us to stay at the school, in case she had a meltdown, but wanted us nowhere near her!  I stayed for an hour, then left.  They wanted us to take her home after about 2.5 hours, so that she didn't have to do a full day yet.  But, when the time rolled around, she was doing so well that they asked my nanny to leave her for another hour!  She painted and played outside and played with play dough and had a music class, so it seems like it was a successful day.  I called to chat with her after she got home, but in true 2 year old fashion, she refused to speak with me.

When I got home tonight, both girls met me at the door, talking excitedly all at once, and they didn't stop talking about their days until we put them to bed.  I'm thrilled that they had such great first days of school.

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Jane said...

So glad to hear that all went so well, and that SB's teacher is so good. I think it's great they kicked you out, and that they let SB stay in class for a while longer. Sounds like the day went as well as it could!