Monday, January 19, 2015

#MicroblogMonday: So Where Was I? Edition

So, it's been a while since I've blogged.  It was mostly holiday madness, with a bunch of other stuff mixed in.  In no particular order:
  • We had great holidays.  My brother visited us for Christmas.  It was the first time he's visited and stayed with us since we had kids.  He brought them a million really good presents, and it was a blast.  Plus it was fun showing him this country.
  • Miss M turned 5!  Every time I ask her not to do something dangerous, like hanging from the chandeliers, she tells me "don't worry mom--I'm big now."  
  • I almost landed a job in Africa, and it was a REALLY awesome job.  But then I didn't.
  • We move in the next 2-6 months, and we still don't know where we are going.  It feels like I have been interviewing FOREVER.  We hope to know more this week.  We are probably heading back to the U.S.
  • Because we might be out of here SOON, I have been obsessively researching neighborhoods/schools/houses.  Yikes, U.S. real estate is expensive.  
  • We are currently playing the school lottery in the city we think we are headed to.  Of course, we also might NOT be headed there.
  • I'm starting my next round of medical monitoring appointments.  I have to do bloodwork tomorrow (because the lab was closed today by the time I finished with my appointment because I waited THREE HOURS for my surgeon), and a pile of tests on Thursday. Needless to say, it stresses me out.
  • Even though we are out of here soon, I am also currently searching for a local preschool for SB.  She will be 3 in March, has a huge vocabulary, is quite bright, and desperately needs preschool.  The only reason she is not in already is because Miss M has been on summer break, and it didn't make sense to put SB in school when Miss M was home.  So, they've been keeping each other company.
  • Miss M starts school again next week.
  • I visited a preschool today with SB that was utterly NOT what we need, although I had visited once before and thought I was going to like it (it was SB's reaction to it that made it clear it wasn't a good fit).  I visited a different one on Friday that I thought I was going to love, but didn't.  It made me realize that the ridiculous process of playing the school lottery in a US city from is really a giant crapshoot under any circumstance, but an insane, unwieldy, super inconvenient crapshoot under our particular circumstances.  It's impossible to get a good sense of a place without visiting, no matter how many websites I visit.
  • I've been traveling every month for work, and during my trip last week, I realized that I am not excited about our upcoming Galapagos/Machu Picchu trip, and I want to cancel it.   I am just. . .tired.  I don't want to do complicated logistics with little girls in tow.  I want to go rent a condo in Florida again, and hang out in the pool with the kids.  But that makes me feel lazy and unappreciative of the amazing opportunities we have open to us right now--especially if we are going back to the U.S. soon.

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

Take me to the Galapagos and I'll help with the kids? Pretty please?

Joking aside, it's a really stressful time. You have a lot up in the air. I think it's understandable to need that break, to zone out, to not be moving moving moving.