Saturday, January 31, 2015

Slowly, Slowly, A Plan Emerges

I have had a lot of angst trying to sort out how to handle our next move.  On the one hand, I feel horribly guilty at the thought of making Miss M and SB leave their respective schools before the summer break.  On the other hand, leaving in Aprilish means we will be moved to our new city and established in time to claim residency by the school lottery date.  After sitting with this decision a bit, the school residency thing is the only real reason for us to leave before June.  And while I hate the idea of the girls having a four month break, in the grand scheme of things, we are talking about leaving maybe six weeks earlier than we otherwise would, and doing so in order to ensure they get a good school for the next few years is probably more important than those last weeks here.

Which is not to say I'm settled. I still have a LOT of ambivalence.  Miss M, in particular, will be very sad to leave her school, and I think it would be easier if we transitioned during a normal school break.    Sigh.  This is hard.

But right now, I worry about the residency thing.  Plus, that will give us time to look at houses as they are coming on the market this spring/early summer.  We haven't definitely decided to buy. We're going to rent a place short term for a few months, and see what we think.  And, we are going to try to work out something re: a nanny.  It won't be long term, at least at first, but it will at least get us through the summer months until school starts.  It's expensive, but seems like a happy medium between some care and no care, and gives us options if T finds a job quickly.

So now I'm working on the details:  short term housing, job for T, etc. etc.  and crossing my fingers we get into a good bilingual school.

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