Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cleared for Takeoff, Asterisk

I had my visit with Dr. GI today. It was my followup appointment after the digestive difficulties of the last few months. She cleared me to start trying again, and said that she doesn't think that I will have any problems with a pregnancy due to the proctitis. She's a little worried that I've lost a few more pounds since our last visit, and wanted to do some follow-up bloodwork. I'm now four vials of blood lighter, but I should get the results tomorrow. Actually, they plan to mail them to me, but I plan to stalk them for them. I think she thinks they will come back fine, but she just wanted to be sure. So, all in all, good news. . .as long as the bloodwork is fine. Of course, I won't really relax until I know that it is normal.


JamieD said...

I've never really understood how doctors try to heal patients by sapping all their blood away. Doesn't make sense! I hope you get your results soon. It stinks they did it so close to the weekend.

I hope the B6 has made a difference!! Still reading high on CBEFM?

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for your results! I am very familiar with stalking the dr for blood results. Sometimes circumstances just demand it I think!