Saturday, May 3, 2008

Warning: Disgusting Digestive Discussion Ahead

I'm sorry, you probably don't really want to read this. But it's not something that I can discuss anywhere else, and this is where I put all of those discussions that I can't really have anywhere else, so here we are discussing the current delicate state of my digestive system. Be forewarned that I have a form of a colitis-like disease more particularly known as ulcerative proctitis, which has been well-controlled for about 8 years, which is alas apparently controlled no more.

My regular doctor, hereinafter known as Dr. NonHooHoo, calls at all hours of the day and night and on weekends, thereby providing a level of customer service I have never before known with a medical professional. Seriously, at 8pm this week she called to let me know the results of my bloodwork (which, as previously noted, were fine). While speaking with Dr. NonHooHoo, she asked some specifics about the current status of my digestive activities. Her last words to me were that if the toilet fills up with blood, I need to get in touch with them ASAP, but I am otherwise to see the specialist on Thursday, who will take it from there. She is of the opinion that the course of antibiotics I was on in March for an ear infection caused an overgrowth of a specific bad bacteria in my intestines which has in turn caused a recurrence of what had previously been well-controlled proctitis. Indeed, I am in proctitis-like discomfort, so she is probably correct. Unfortunately, there was A LOT of blood this morning when I went to the bathroom. My doctor's office isn't open on Saturday, but I'm sure I could get ahold of Dr. NonHooHoo, since she offers such fabulous customer service. The question is, what can be done for me if I do? I am not in any real pain, and I feel fine. There wasn't as much blood the second time. But still, quite a bit of bright red blood. Ugh. I so don't want to deal with this. TTC is clearly now many months away again. Thank god there's Borneo.

In other news, as my digestive health continues to deteriorate just as we were trying to actively TTC again, I have not been able to help but feel like someone is trying to send me a message that I shouldn't be TTC right now. I told Terrific T that I felt like maybe someone was trying to send us a message that we shouldn't have kids, since it's been one thing after another since we started (and then stopped) trying again. He said that he wanted to speak to that person who was trying to send the message, because he had a few things to say to them. He always manages to make me laugh, even when things are really crappy (pun intended).


Anonymous said...

I think blood = bad whether you're in significant pain or not. If the doc told you to get in touch with her if there was blood, I think you should make the call. There's something about massive amounts of bright red blood shooting out your, um, digestive system that just seems to require medical attention. Call me crazy.

Io said...

DUDE. That is crazy - you poor thing. Um, I would call. Just, ya know, cause that seems bad.

shinejil said...

Shit (no pun intended). I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, on top of the whole TTC question.

I hope you called your fab non-hoohoo doc and that you feel better soon.