Friday, May 9, 2008

Has the Monitor Failed Me?

I am in love with my Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. I think it's because I'm a slacker by nature, and it helps me to be lazy about even babymaking. It tells me the two days I HAVE to have sex, and anything after that is extra credit. I temp most months, too, so I can cross-check ovulation, 'cause I'm crazy like that. One of the things I figured out was that I ovulate late, but by having such specific records, I also realized that I get ovulation pain. Before I started charting my cycles, I always associated those monthly one-sided stabby pains with indigestion. What can I say--I'm kind of a dummy.

So anyway, I'm on CD18, and still "low," according to the monitor. BUT. . .

I have stabby one-sided pain.

Betcha a pair of tequila shooters that I get a "peak" tomorrow, with no "high" days, and my temp spikes on Sunday morning.

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