Sunday, May 11, 2008


CD20, still low, no temp rise. Well, at least it's a new and different problem. Variety IS the spice of life.

I'm glad that we started talking about Borneo as a possible TTC booby prize. It gives me a distraction from the disappointment of my body betraying me yet again. We've finalized the list of contestants, and it is now "closed" to new entrants. We are now trying to narrow it. Here's are the finalists:

1. US by RV
2. Hawaii
3. Brazil
4. Galapagos Islands
5. Argentina
6. Central America
7. Norway/Sweden/Finland
8. Greece/Turkey/Italy/Croatia
9. Egypt
10. Tanzania
11. Madagascar
12. India
13. Australia & Fiji
14. Thailand
15. Vietnam
16. Japan

We're going to plan on a 5 week trip. We have agreed to narrow the list initially based on three factors: First, how much time each trip will really require (not sure I'd be up for 5 weeks in Egypt, for example. . .that seems like more of a 1-2 week trip to me, to do what we'd like to see there). The second factor is how much money a 5 week trip would require. 5 weeks in Japan or Scandinavia is probably a little too pricey for a trip that's only six months away, at a time when we are also paying for house renovations. The third factor is temperature. We have agreed that if the average daily temperature is below 60F during November-February (the approximate time of year we will be traveling), we will cross it off the list. My rationale for this is that when you're on vacation, you spend a lot of time outside walking around, and cold makes me--and hence Terrific T.--miserable.

We're off to breakfast, and then to the bookstore to read and work on narrowing the list. I love our Sunday breakfasts together.

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JamieD said...

I am so envious of your trip! Hubby & I are planning a trip to Yellowstone in July, but I would give anything to take five weeks off and go on a real adventure.

I have to agree on the temp thing. I always tell Hubby, "You know I don't like to be cold!!" and his reply is, "~I~ don't like for you to be cold."

He's learning!